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Manta rays at Nusa Penida Bali.

Manta Madness at Nusa Penida, Bali

Another in our series of where to find guaranteed big fish encounters in Southeast Asia. If you want to swim with manta rays, then head to Bali and sign up for a snorkel trip to Manta Point at Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is a wild island just 45 minutes away from Sanur in Bali. There are a number of outfits that run manta ray snorkel and dive trips out there. We did a snorkel trip with the well-established dive shop, Blue Season.

Why did we go with Blue Season?

They run ‘snorkelers only’ trips on fast boats. You are accompanied by two divemasters, who are your guides in the water, and a couple of boatmen. The company is super-safety conscious and runs a tight ship. They are not the cheapest but the high degree of professionalism impressed us. They are a particularly good choice for novice snorkelers. … Read more

Rice terraces at Jatiluwih, Bali.

Lush for Life, part 2: Bali

As Indonesian destinations go, Bali was very low on our list of priorities. Clearly, we are in the minority though since the majority of Indonesia’s tourists end up there at some point. Most of them head to the beaches in the South to approximate an extended version of a debauched weekend at home while working on their sunburn. Laura had been keen to follow Lonely Planet’s advice to wear modest clothing as to ‘not offend local sensibilities’ but that changed within 2 minutes of arriving in Ubud. Local sensibilities must have changed considerably in the two years since Lonely Planet was published since every foreign woman wore tiny shorts and tank tops, and many of the dudes strutted around shirtless.

Ubud: Three way battle- tradition, skimpy shorts and yogic bliss

The traffic from the airport and around Ubud was utterly atrocious. Many tourists visit Ubud on day trips from the beaches and the streets snarl up fast. Laura had done a fine job again of finding a hotel a little ways from the main drag so we had a bit of peace and quiet. I suppose in some parts of the world, walking into an establishment with a Swastika over … Read more