Ready to launch

On April 14, we will leave our jobs and apartment in Seattle and spend the next 16 months traveling across Asia.

The most fun planning tool has been a route planning calendar taped to the closet door. We add a sticky note per country and move them around to shape our itinerary.

For the last few months,¬†we’ve used a kanban board on the closet door to track our trip planning progress. I’m pleased with how many items are in the “done” column.

3 thoughts on “Ready to launch

  1. Karen Cleghorn

    Laura and her Dearest Friend: I’m delighted to get to hear/read about your magnificent journeys.
    I extend my warmest best wishes to you both! Sincerely, Karen Cleghorn.

  2. Jane

    Looking forward to hearing of your adventures as you explore mountains and meet the amazing people of the world. You will be missed!!!!

  3. Arpita

    Waao, all the best to you and your partner. This Kanban plan looks amazing. Do keep sharing your escapades on this blog, looking forward to reading them.


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