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Announcing Photo Atlas for Android

We are pleased to announce that Photo Atlas, the first Design Think Travel app, is available on the Google Play Store.

With Photo Atlas, you can explore the world in Flickr photos. Get inspired for future trips, scout locations for a photo shoot, or just browse billions of amazing images from around the world. You can save photos in collections to refer to for trip planning.

Why Photo Atlas?

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows that I love to go to beautiful places and take photos. My second favorite thing to do is to find out about more beautiful places to take photos. I developed the Photo Atlas app to make it easy to visually research destinations.

The app displays geotagged Flickr photos on a map. You can search for places and zoom in to find more photos for a destination. You can also filter photos by keyword. By default, the app displays photos that rank high in in Flickr’s interestingness rating. You can also sort photos by date taken or date posted.

You can save photos you like by adding them to collections. Collections help with planning trips, making bucket lists, and finding great shots to … Read more